This is a great opportunity to meet your Lash Artist's work with photos and can find out your preferences, as well as choose the right styling for your facial features, eye shape, condition of your natural eyelashes and so on.
We are highly recommend you get patch test first, if you are not sure about eyelash extension treatment or you’d just like to do a patch test, please book a patch test for extensions. you will get patch and glue test and professional consultation with our experienced technicians. The patch test or consultation is free if you book further services with us. After the consultation or patch test you will be asked to pay a small deposit of $30 which will go onto your account with us and will be deducted from the full treatment price. If you miss your consultation or patch test, a cancellation policy will apply.

Eyelash Lift & Tint

Lash lift & tint will make your lashes more darker, longer and your eyes will looks more open eyes with only your natural lashes. Most of our clients are surprised after they got lash lift & tint because their lashes has been very long and thick naturally.
Lash lift & tint is suitable who never done lashes before, who doesn't have a time to take care of their lashes or who want to their lashes looks natural but looks a bit more standout.

What is the package treatment `` Brow and Lashes lover!!``.
This treatment is discounted 25% than when you book separately Lash lift & tint and Brow laminate, waxing & tint.
Enjoy photos of our works

Eyebrow Styling

Let our brow experts create your perfect brows!! We use our special brow tool to guide us and show you where your perfect brow starts, arches and finishes. Match your hair color or just tint the ends. Most people have two shades of colors in their eyebrows, by tinting them they will instantly appear cleaner and fuller.
No over flock!! No over waxing!! No over trim!!


Cosmetic tattoo is a technique which uses tattooing as a means of producing designs that resemble makeup, including eyeliner, eyebrows and lip liner. Recently, cosmetic tattoo procedures are gaining popularity not only for eyebrow, but also for the lips and eyeliner. The process known as microblading and PMU involves a skilled technician assessing your natural skin tone and face shape to determine what will best suit your face, and then applying it with short, hair-shaped strokes or fill out colors of semi-permanent ink. Package of treatment will be discounted than when you book each treatment!!